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Things You Don't Know About Root Canals

Root canal therapy has been around for generations, and yet for many dental patients, it remains a worrisome process somewhat root canalshrouded in mystery. This needn't be the case as Paul D. Herrera DDS is here to carefully explain the root canal treatment to his Lawrence, KS patients so they make fully informed choices about their oral health.

Things You Don't Know about Root Canals

  1. A root canal is an anatomical structure. Located deep in the tooth beneath enamel and dentin, a root canal is really an inner chamber which contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. When it becomes diseased through decay or injury, dentists perform root canal therapy--also called endodontic treatment. There may be up to four root canals within a single tooth.
  2. Root canal therapy is not a long, drawn out process. In fact, most root canal treatments in Lawrence, KS take two dental appointments of about 1 hour each.
  3. Root canal therapy is not painful. The American Association of Endodontists states that root canal treatment is comfortable. Usually carried out with a simple pain shot to numb the area, this in-office procedure relieves the pain and pressure associated with a dental abscess, tooth fracture or other problems compromising the health of a tooth.
  4. A tooth treated with endodontic therapy will not look odd. It's true that a deeply damaged tooth may exhibit some discoloration. It's also true that Dr. Herrera must remove decayed enamel and reshape the affected tooth. However, the dentist places a customized porcelain crown over the treated tooth once it has been debrided and sealed. So, the final appearance is beautiful.
  5. Root canal therapy is reliable. The vast majority of root canals succeed and need no retreatment. In fact, many teeth restored in this way last for the rest of the patient's life with good at-home hygiene and in-office check-ups and cleanings at Rockledge Dentistry in Lawrence, KS.
  6. Endodontic therapy is preferable to extraction. While some teeth are too far gone to save, root canal therapy is the treatment of choice for many failing teeth. Dr. Herrera always does what he can to preserve natural teeth as losing a tooth affects the integrity of the jaw bone and gums and also creates problems with teeth surrounding an empty tooth socket. Plus, missing teeth compromise eating, speaking and appearance.
  7. The tooth treated with root canal therapy is not hollow. On the contrary, it is strengthened and sealed with a natural, elastic substance called gutta-percha.
  8. Root canal therapy is affordable. Dr. Paul D. Herrera and his staff do everything they can to make root canal treatment in Lawrence, KS, and other dental services, as affordable as possible. Contact the office to discuss your dental insurance and payment options.

Keep Your Teeth
You can with modern root canal therapy from general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Paul Herrera. If you experience dental pain, sensitivity or jaw or gum swelling, don't wait. Call the office at (785) 331-0027.

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